Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator

 Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator Buy Now on

Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator , selling for $500.00 brand new. There are 3 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Maximum output (W): 2800 Continuous output (W): 2600 Weight. (lbs.): 59 Fuel capacity (l): 7 Power output: 120V/50Hz Engine: Air-cooled, Four-stroke Receptacles: Two AC, One DC Rated AC Output (KW): 2.6 Max AC Output (KW): 2.8

Dometic’s state-of-the-art portable generator know-how moves energy production to a new level with Digital Inverter technology. Our unit is smaller, lighter and more energy efficient thanks to advanced technology. The LW3000 Plus automatically adjusts engine power to run at the required RPM to power load needs. The unit quietly meets your energy requirements while saving on fuel.

-Energy efficient Smart Throttle automatically adjusts the engine speed to generate just the right amount of power for the job at hand
-Air flow fuel cap knob
-Quiet, air cooled, four-stroke engine minimizes noise for family and friends comfort
-Engine oil alert system automatically stops the engine before oil levels can fall below safe limits
-Easily powers a 13,500 BTU air conditioner
-Consistent power load means you can use sensitive computer equipment with total peace of mind. Perfect for printers, computers, audio equipment and telephone
-Clean, stable power for all home or work applications

But how does it really work:
Dometic engineers crafted the alternator to produce high voltage, multiphase AC power. This power is then transformed to DC power. Then the inverter converts the DC power back to AC power. In addition, the inverter controls the power for an even, smooth flow to all electrical appliances, including sensitive computers. The end result is a Digital Inverter/Generator that is lightweight, fuel efficient and able to deliver reliable power for extended periods. That is just what you’d expect from the creative team at Dometic.

Emergency power is never a problem with the LW3000 Plus. The electric starter is standard so you concentrate on the important tasks around the house. Sine wave technology means a safe, consistent power flow for your most sensitive appliances and even computers.

Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator

Buy Now on

Buy for $500.00 brand new

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