EcoMate Portable Solar Generator 800 Watts AC Output

 EcoMate Portable Solar Generator 800 Watts AC Output Buy Now on

EcoMate Portable Solar Generator 800 Watts AC Output , selling for  brand new. Manufactured by EcoGroupe LLC. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Modified Sine Wave

The Eco-Mate allows you to harness the power of the sun anywhere. It is capable of running up to six appliances or devices. You can charge power tool batteries, cell phones, laptops, or other equipment in the middle of nowhere. The Eco-Mate Portable Solar Generator is the perfect power solution for camping, construction sites, or in the event of power loss.

85 watt solar panel included!!!!

Quietly generating power using earth-friendly solar technology is much better than noisy and pollution causing gas generators. When you have the Eco-Mate you never have to carry expensive and dangerous gasoline around either. With this generator you can have free electricity anywhere. The Eco-Mate quietly and reliably generates power capable of tackling even the most demanding portable power needs.

So Many Powerful Uses…

Construction Sites – Home Power Back-Up – Camping Trips – Farmers/Flee Markets

Outdoor Sporting Events – Concerts – At the Beach – Remote/Mobile Office

Eco-Mate Delivers

Be Prepared for Anything with the Eco-Mate.
Eco-Mate Specifications

· 1 to 800 Watt AC Power Output (Adaptable for your specific usage)

· 6 – 110V Surge Protected Outlets

· Rugged Case Design for Durability

· Standing Water Resistant

· Easy Portability with Built in Wheels and Handle

Detachable Solar Panel
Design Allows for Numerous Upgrades

This generator unit does not include batteries. This is done to benefit you, the customer. The cost of batteries and large edition to shipping weight raise the price significantly. To save you money, we encourage our customers to seek local businesses to purchase their deep cycle batteries. The Eco-Mate housing unit comes with room for one 100Amp hour battery or two smaller 50Amp hour batteries. Be sure to check the dimensions before purchasing the battery, to ensure you have the right fit.

EcoMate Portable Solar Generator 800 Watts AC Output

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