Familygokarts GENERATOR-XR5500L

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Familygokarts GENERATOR-XR5500L was listed on Amazon for $995.39, selling for  USD brand new. Manufactured by Phoenix. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Electric Start 4 Cycle Gasoline Engine
  • Portable With Wheel Kit
  • 11 Horsepower
  • Maximum Output of 5200 Watts
  • Free Shipping

Are you interested in a portable generator that provides enough wattage power to run anything from a furnace pump to a fridge, freezer, or air conditioning unit? Well the Phoenix 5500L can do that and more! Who wants to be without a furnace in freezing temperatures or without air conditioning in the middle of a stifling summer? With the 11 horsepower Phoenix 5500 L you won’t have to be. Featuring a 1-Cylinder, 4-Stroke; Air-cooled gasoline engine, dual starting system (recoil or electric start), a 6.6 gallon gas tank, along with a complete WHEEL KIT, you will be amazed at just what this generator can do! A rated AC output of 4800 Watts and a Maximum output of 5200 Watts means that you can rest assured that the 5500 L will do exactly what you purchased it to do: Power your home!

Familygokarts GENERATOR-XR5500L

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