Grid Eraser Portable Solar Powered Panel 1000 Watt DC To AC Sine Wave Generator

 Grid Eraser Portable Solar Powered Panel 1000 Watt DC To AC Sine Wave Generator Buy Now on

Grid Eraser Portable Solar Powered Panel 1000 Watt DC To AC Sine Wave Generator , selling for $2,699.00 brand new. Manufactured by Grid Eraser. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • 2-Part, 12-Volt system, total weight 163 pounds
  • 195 watt photovoltaic (PV) solar panel with 25′ charging cord, weight 43 pounds
  • 3 compartment weather and UV resistant cabinet with built in wheels and telescoping handle, and side locking bars.
  • Made of thermoplastic resin. Custom Wiring – Plug and Play wiring with QAD – quick attach and detach connectors. Weight 120 lbs.
  • Solar AGM Battery: 12 volt, 153 A/H AGM. Sealed, maintenance free, non-spillable, generates no fumes. Designed for solar products. 1 year limited warranty.

Grid Eraser’s portable solar powered generators that don’t harm the environment while maintaining your lifestyle and allowing you to start unplugging from the utility power grid. Start generating your own electricity today. Take the solar generator wherever you go. Unplug the solar panel and move the portable solar generator to the devices you want to power up. The solar panel does all the work. You can use the solar generator inside your home. Take the portable solar generator anywhere: camping, RVing, tailgating, outdoor parties, wherever you need electricity. Always have your own power during outages due to storms, natural disasters, and rolling blackouts. Disaster Preparedness asset: for the next tornado, earthquake or hurricane. Go Green without going broke.

The solar panel charges the solar battery through the solar controller. The inverter pulls its power from the battery. However, if the solar panel is plugged into the solar generator during the day your devices can be run from the panel without depleting the battery. Thus, saving the battery to be used at night. Quick attach/detach connectors allow you to charge multiple batteries during the day if you wish.

With the Grid Eraser you will be able to generate your own electricity. What if you lost power for 3 days, a week, or more? How would you power your cellphone, laptop or home office, refrigerator, TV, and satellite/cable box?

Before you purchase a portable solar generator please check the specifications. Battery size and the output of the solar panel will determine your run times. The Grid Eraser Portable Solar Generator consists of a photovoltaic solar panel rated at 195 watts or higher, a 1000 watt pure sine wave power inverter, a 20 amp PWM solar charge controller, a 153 A/H sealed AGM re-chargeable battery designed for solar products, and a fully integrated weather and UV resistant

Grid Eraser Portable Solar Powered Panel 1000 Watt DC To AC Sine Wave Generator

Buy Now on

Buy for $2,699.00 brand new

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