Kohler 30RESA 30,000-Watt Liquid-Cooled Standby Generator

 Kohler 30RESA 30,000-Watt Liquid-Cooled Standby Generator Buy Now on Amazon.com

Kohler 30RESA 30,000-Watt Liquid-Cooled Standby Generator was listed on Amazon for $13,850.00, selling for $9,999.00 USD brand new. Manufactured by Your Other Warehouse – Lawn & Garden. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • 30,000-watt liquid-cooled generator powered by liquid propane/natural gas
  • EPA-compliant GM 1.6L automotive engine–natural gas or LP gas fueled
  • Fast 10-second response time; excellent power quality to protect valuable electronics
  • Sound enclosures for reduced noise levels; requires a Kohler RDT transfer switch
  • Measures 72.8 by 36.2 by 36.8 inches; 5-year/2000-hour limited warranty, Battery type needed – Group 26

If reliability is the number one feature you want in a home generator, then you need a KOHLER home generator. Leading the industry with extraordinary reliability and performance, a KOHLER home generator protects your home, family and lifestyle from the impact of extended power outages. Whether you’re home or away, your KOHLER generator will automatically kick in whenever the power goes out, so your life can go on without interruption. KOHLER generators have outstanding motor starting power, response time, power quality and warranty. KOHLER introduced the industry’s first corrosion-proof enclosure for style and protection from the harshest conditions. Our 14kW generator is so advanced, it was named one of Green Builder’s Hot 50 Products of 2010 and an Architectural Top Pick for 2011. And with 90 years of innovation in the generator industry, KOHLER generators are trusted by hospitals, airports and weather services for their back-up power needs and were rated as the highest quality brand of home generators by a Builder magazine independent brand study. Why accept anything less for your home and family.
30,000-watt liquid-cooled standby generator powered by liquid propane/natural gas. User-friendly advanced digital control. view larger No need to interrupt your daily routine–Kohler generators keep the power on even when it’s storming outside. view larger Kohler 30RESA 30,000-Watt Liquid-Cooled Standby Generator This Kohler 30RESA generator helps protect your home, family, and lifestyle from the effects of extended power outages. Whether home or away, experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the generator will automatically kick in whenever the power goes out. The generator provides outstanding motor-starting power, fast 10-second response time, and excellent power quality to protect valuable electronics, plus its corrosion-proof enclosure protects against the harshest conditions. Used by hospitals, airports, and weather services, Kohler generators deliver exceptional reliability and high-quality performance. The 30RESA generator requires a Kohler RDT transfer switch. Standard Features Kohler Co. provides one-source responsibility for the generating system and accessories The generator set and its components are prototype-tested, factory-built, and production-tested The 60 Hz generator set is UL 2200 listed The 60 Hz generator set engine is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conform to the New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) for stationary spark-ignited emissions Residential generator sets are approved for outdoor installation in stationary standby applications served by a reliable utility source Engine features: — Natural gas or LP gas fueled — Electronic engine controls for optimized fuel and spark performance — Four cylinder, four cycle engine — An electronic, isochronous governor for precise frequency regulation — High silicon content pistons for improved durability ADC 2100 digital controller features: — LED display provides diagnostic capability — Digital voltage regulator with plus/minus 1.5% no-load to full-load regulation — Superior electronics protection from corrosion and vibration Enclosure features: — Model 30RESA generator sets are equipped with factory-installed sound enclosures — Enclosures reduce sound levels and protect the generator set from the elements, animal intrusion, and unwanted entry — Fade-, scratch-, and corrosion-resistant Kohler cream beige finish — Internal silencer — Lockable door latches — Sound enclosure additional features: —- Acoustic insulation that meets UL 94 HF1 flammability classification —- Low profile with pitched roof to minimize water accumulation —- Sound-attenuating design to reduce noise levels —- Hinged, removable doors to allow maximum access —- Factory-installed Alternator Specifications NEMA MG1, IEEE, and ANSI standards compliance for temperature rise and motor starting. Sustained short-circuit current of up to 300% of the rated current for up to 10 seconds. Sustained short-circuit current enabling downstream circuit breakers to trip without collapsing the alternator field. Self-ventilated and drip-proof construction. Vacuum-impregnated windings with fungus-resistant epoxy varnish for dependability and long life. Superior voltage waveform from a two-thirds pitch stator and skewed rotor. Digital voltage regulator with plus/minus 1.5% no-load to full-load regulation. Advanced Digital Control Features Compact controller Integrally mounted to the generator set LED display: — Runtime hours — Crank cycle status — Diagnostics — Application software version LED display communicates faults: — Auxiliary fault — High battery voltage — High engine temperature — Low battery voltage — Low oil pressure — Overcrank safety — Overspeed — Overfrequency — Overvoltage — Underfrequency — Undervoltage Membrane keypad for configuration and adjustment — Password-protected user access to menus — Voltage, gain, and speed adjustment — System configuration: system voltage, phase, and frequency settings, battery voltage, and generator set model Master switch: Run/Off-Reset/Auto Remote two-wire start/stop capability Superior electronics protection from corrosion and vibration — Potted electronics — Sealed connections Digital voltage regulation: plus/minus 1.5% RMS no-load to full-load Automatic start with programmed cranking cycle Highlights ADC 2100 digital controller Base frame with steel skid Battery rack and cables Customer connection box with field-connection terminal blocks Electronic, isochronous governor Engine shutdowns for high engine temperature and low oil pressure Flexible fuel line Gas fuel system (includes two fuel solenoid valves, fuel mixer, and electronic secondary gas regulator) Integral vibration isolation Oil drain extension Operation and installation literature Unit-mounted radiator system Sound enclosure with silencer

Kohler 30RESA 30,000-Watt Liquid-Cooled Standby Generator

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Buy for $9,999.00 brand new

Save 28% ($3,851.00) by purchasing on Amazon.com

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