Mfresh Yl-s3500 Portable Ozone Disinfection Machine Air Purifier

 Mfresh Yl-s3500 Portable Ozone Disinfection Machine Air Purifier Buy Now on

Mfresh Yl-s3500 Portable Ozone Disinfection Machine Air Purifier , selling for $280.00 brand new. Manufactured by M Fresh High-Tech Co., Ltd.. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • 1. Ozone generator and control board are installed into one box type.body.
  • 2. Out electrical pole is made of stainless and crystal used as medium. The discharge chamber is wholly sealed and it`s safe to operate.
  • 3.(Power Supply Unit) is this model product`s core technique including frequency conversion and boost converter. It applies soft start that can make high load capacity and multi-protection with high efficiency and stability.
  • 4. This product should work with a clean air intake.
  • 5. Discharge chamber is cooled by wind cooling system. It will make electric discharge well and ozone output stable without damaging components.

1:Ozone Disinfection Machine Air Purifier
2:Effective area:large to 300m2,
3:Kill bacteria,remove odor, cigarette
4. model:YL-S3500
5. Input power:AC220V/50Hz
6. working power:3.0~3.5KV
7.Working Frenquency:8~10KV
8.Nominal Power:45W
9.Ozone output:1-3.5g/h
10.Ozone Density:8~10mg/L
11.Effective Area:≤300m2

1. When for air purification, it is advised that people should avoid the sterilization area in case of respiratory system stimulation because of high density of ozone.

2. For water purification, please instal with anti-reflux device in case of damaging machine.(It is advised to instal antioxidant normally closed valve at the pipeline and it`s power sychronise with ozone power.

3. This product`s voltage is 220V/50HZ and there is a high voltage inside.Please make sure there is a earth wire and avoid electric shock.

4. Do not smell ozone directly in case of respiratory system stimulation.Nor do the pregnant and children.

5. Please cut the power when not use for a long time.
Care and Maintenance

1. Please keep the surface of machine clean at regular period.

2. Please change the silicon pose when it is broken..

Mfresh Yl-s3500 Portable Ozone Disinfection Machine Air Purifier

Buy Now on

Buy for $280.00 brand new

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