“Solar Survivor” Solar Powered Emergency Generator

 "Solar Survivor" Solar Powered Emergency Generator Buy Now on Amazon.com

“Solar Survivor” Solar Powered Emergency Generator was listed on Amazon for $1,549.00, selling for  USD brand new. Manufactured by IDS Solar Technologies, Inc.. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Self Contained Solar Emergency Generator- Great for Emergencies or Camping
  • A.C. Inverter rated at 1,200 watts continuous, 2,400 watts surge
  • Modified Sine, 3 A.C. Receptacles, 1 Cigarette Lighter Outlet, 1 USB
  • 45 Watt Solar Panel, Charge controller and A.C. Wall Charger.
  • Includes Plastic carrying case for Battery/Inverter unit. Ships to 48 states only.

The Solar Survivor is well suited for family or small office backup power during emergencies, camping, or for working at remote sites. These are particularly valuable units for Apartment dwellers, who are often prohibited from having or operating portable gasoline or Diesel generators. There is also zero risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning while using a Solar Generator.
Solar Survivor Specifications:
Inverter: 1,200. watts Continuous, 2,400 watt Max Surge Waveform: Modified Sine
Battery: 12 Volt SLA, Solar Panel: 45 Watt, AC Wall Charger: Included
Charge Controller: 4.5 Amps at 12 Volt PWM, AC Receptacles: Three 3-prong
USB Port: One (1), 12 Volt DC “Cigarette Lighter” Outlet.
Approximate Continuous Operating Time-Battery Only
Appliance Watts Solar Survivor
Laptop Computer, VCR, DVD Player 50 12 Hours
Can Opener, Coffee Grinder, Game Console 100 6 Hours
Refrigerator, Freezer, 19″ Color TV 200 3 Hours
Laser Printer, Vacuum Cleaner, 1/2″ Drill 800 45 Minutes
Frying Pan, Blow Dryer, Space Heater 1200 30 Minutes
Chainsaw, Air Compressor, Microwave Oven 1500 24 Minutes
Please note these times are running on the battery only, longer times will occur when the solar panel is producing power.

One year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

"Solar Survivor" Solar Powered Emergency Generator

Buy Now on Amazon.com

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