TEI SPA Oxyderm High Frequency Ozone Facial Tool

 TEI SPA Oxyderm High Frequency Ozone Facial Tool Buy Now on Amazon.com

TEI SPA Oxyderm High Frequency Ozone Facial Tool was listed on Amazon for $100.00, selling for $84.83 USD brand new. Manufactured by SETAF. There are 5 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Creates oxidation which eliminates bacteria and acne while providing glowing, healthy, radiant skin
  • Provides a deep level of skin cleansing, clear pore penetration and eliminates redness and uneven skin tone
  • Anti-Flammatory great for razor burn and bug bites
  • Eliminates bacteria and reduces inflammation
  • Oxygenates to maintain healthier skin, radiant color, great for teens and adults

The medical and beauty industry has been using negative ions for many years, early on it was developed to help purify the blood. By strengthening cell functions to expel carbon dioxide and environmental toxins it accelerate metabolism, improves the absorption of oxygen and increase immunity. Negative ions can improve quality by revitalizing natural youthful looking skin. By using a flat silent electrical release system to produce ozone, the oxyderm starts to sterilize the germs which reduces or removes acne. When the violet light combines with the effect of the ozone and high frequency wave it immediately starts producing healthy skin. When used properly the oxyderm will sterilize, reduce inflammation, dissolve dirt, balance the PH of the oil on the skin and eliminate acne revealing clean healthy skin.Contains: Oxyderm High Frequency Device, Protective Cap, Oxycalming Serum, Travel Pouch, Product Instructions and Specifications

TEI SPA Oxyderm High Frequency Ozone Facial Tool

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Buy for $84.83 brand new

Save 15% ($15.17) by purchasing on Amazon.com

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